• The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori

  • Montessori From the Start by Paula Polk Lillard

  • The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davis
  • The 1946 London Lectures by Maria Montessori
  • Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler

  • The Child in the Family by Maria Montessori

  • One Hundred Child Development Tips by Heather Pedersen, Ph.D.

  • Creating Innovators: The Making of  Young People Who Will Change the World By Tony Wagner
  • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline Stoll Lillard

  • Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents by Maren Schmidt



  • Dr. Steve Hughes on Montessori and the Future of Education -

  • A visual summary of Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler -

  • The Start of a Wonderful Day 

  • The Montessori Early Childhood Program