Primary: 2.5 - 6 years

Primary: Ages 2.5 - 6

Montessori East offers each child an individualized education; wherever your child is in her comprehension and interest is where we start with her each day. Every child at Montessori East learns at her own pace and enjoys freedom of choice in a calm, friendly atmosphere. 

Our Montessori classroom is a bright, beautiful space  which is prepared in such a way that children work freely and independently after the teacher gives them a formal lesson. This is possible because our specialized Montessori materials are designed to keep teaching the child once the teacher has walked away. The child is discovering information on his own through play and exploration as opposed to being "taught and trained" by an adult. Fatigue-free learning and self confidence naturally occur through this beautiful process of discovery.

The mixed aged grouping in our classrooms encourages children to teach and learn from each other. The teacher's role is one of careful observer and guide as the children progress at their own pace. Montessori East's specially prepared environment is designed to draw a child toward a progression of skills. The uninterrupted "work cycle" also allows the child to focus on a task for as long as she would like and master each skill. 

There are four major areas to Montessori East's primary classroom environment: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language (which includes Science, Geography, History, Cultural Studies and Art) and Math.  Each area creates proficiency in traditional studies through real life, hands on exercises.  

Our teachers are formally trained and certified in high quality Montessori training programs through the Association Montessori International (AMI).