Admissions / Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will we be notified if we are being offered a seat off of the waitlist?
    • You will receive an email with an enrollment agreement. If you change your email address please notify our office.

  2. When will I know if we are offered an opening at Montessori East?
    • We notify families by email of acceptance and waiting list status between March 1 - April 1. Until May 15, when enrollment contracts lock, the waitlist moves rapidly. After that point, we will continue to fill any open seats through the first month of school (August). We hope you continue to consider Montessori East as an option and we will contact you if/when we have a well-suited opening.

  3. How do I stay on the list for a future school year?
    • To ensure your child is considered for a future enrollment season, please:

      • Log in to your Parent Portal

      • Scroll down to the bottom of your Admissions Checklist

      • Click  “ Apply for a new year”

      • No additional application fee is required so simply select the option indicating that your family has already paid the one-time application fee. This step is mandatory in order to be considered for enrollment after August.

  4. What number are we on the waiting list?
    • Due to the mixed age groupings of each class, our desire to maintain a balance of genders, and the various schedules offered, we do not maintain a numbered list but rather an applicant pool. The applicant pool will stay active through August, as positions become available. For instance, if, in mid-June, the family of an enrolled Toddler on the All Day schedule finds out they are being transferred to another state for work, we will review the list of All Day (& First Available) Toddler Applicants and begin contacting that list of families in order to fill the opening created. 

  5. What if my child is waitlisted for Toddler this year but would be the age for Primary next school year?
    • When filling out your new application, select the correct age/level for the future school year. Our Primary classrooms are designed for children ages 3-6 and some 2.5 year olds are ready to enter those classes as well.

  6. What order are students pulled from the waitlist?
  7. What happens if we are offered a position off the waitlist?

    • Once you are offered a position you will be sent an email and given a 3-5 day deadline to accept the position by submitting your "Enrollment Agreement" via your online Parent Portal. You will then complete the required registration materials to be fully and successfully enrolled at Montessori East.

  8. What are our chances of making it off the waitlist?

    • There is no way to determine your exact chances of being removed from the applicant pool/waitlist. At the beginning of the enrollment season (April 1-April 15), there are many children, including current siblings, who are selected for admission. As families make decisions, if an offered position is not taken, we will pull from the applicant pool to fill that particular spot. In the event that this opening corresponds with your application, we will contact you right away. Changes to enrollment do occur throughout the spring and summer.